Kejriwal Said “Modi-Saha” is harmful for India

Kolkota: All India Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee has arranged a fair of Non-BJP party with Kejriwal. In this fair, 20 powerful political parties are going to fight against Narendra Modi. This meeting was arranged at Kolkata’s Brigade Ground.

In this meeting, thousands of people are eagerly watching. This meeting is going to take a big impact before the 2019 election. Congress President has already supported the meeting through his letter.


Before the meeting, Mamata welcomed Kejriwal by providing a bunch of Flower. For this welcome Kejriwal thanked Mamata.

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In his meeting, Kejriwal said, “If the Modi-Shah combine continues to rule the country by winning the 2019 elections, it will change the Constitution and further elections will never take place.”

He also stated that BJP is creating a crack between Hindu and Muslims. So BJP should be removed from the Government.

He also said, “It was Pakistan’s dream to split this country into pieces. This BJP government is going ahead in that direction by creating enmity among people and dividing the nation on the lines of religion”

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